About eSahai Handyman Services

eSahai Handyman is a service-related website and application platform of SAHAI GROUP. The registration process will allow skilled workers, labourers, and all types of workers to register across Kerala. The aim is to create a database of reliable handyman services across the state, making it easier for people to find and hire trusted workers for their needs.
 The registration process will involve filling out a detailed form with personal and professional details, such as name, contact information, skills, experience, and references. Once registered, workers will be able to create a profile and showcase their skills and experience to potential clients. Clients will be able to search for handyman services based on location, skill set, and availability. The platform will also feature a rating and review system, allowing clients to provide feedback on their experience with a particular worker.
The Sahai Group team will carefully vet all registered workers to ensure they meet the necessary standards of quality and reliability.As the project progresses, the Sahai Group team plans to expand the platform to include other types of services and industries, with the ultimate goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for all service-related needs.
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