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What do we do?

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    Emergency Medical Services


    Well-equipped Ambulances supported by the best EMTs (our Sahayaks) to make sure the Golden Hour is handled impeccably.

    We ensure that people in their emergencies are attended by well-trained paramedical professionals and make sure that they are transported to the nearest healthcare facility within the shortest time in the reach which is more advisable than using conventional mode of transport like taxi, auto etc. which can further deteriorate the condition of the affected person.

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    Medically Assisted Transport


    India’s 1st Medically Assisted Transportation Services for the elderly and differently-abled citizens with anytime Healthcare appointments, social and occupational commitments.

    eSahai’s medically assisted travel is especially valuable for people with momentary or temporary disability to travel due to medical aliments or special needs and requirements. This helps them to attend their medical appointments or physiotherapy treatments or diagnostic centres for their prescribed tests or for dialysis etc. or simply attend their family gatherings, get-togethers, visit to places of worship, movies and other entertainment purposes.

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    Medical Transportation Management


    Comprehensive Management, Optimized Operations, Growing Business, Reporting & Analytics of Medical Transportation for Healthcare Providers.

    We support hospital Ambulance fleet with our robust technology and Efficient operations. Through our SaaS model Hospital Management can Manage their Ambulances effectively, get informed about the inward patients thus increasing their revenue. With insights and analytics the management can take proper decisions on the medical transportation.

Our Key Differentiators


CAL9 is an social initiative of improving the EMS response times in India.

Sahayak Community

Sahayaks are trained first responders, who act to any emergencies nearby.


eSahai's ecosystem of Customer, Driver and Hospital applications are backed by Cutting edge technology


Analytics and insights on Data of Medical Transportation drives our decision making and also our partners.


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    Mr. Saldanha is presently the Executive Chairman of Trans Maldivian Airways; Founding member of the National Board for E-Commerce, President of the International School in Valencia, Venezuela and a member of the Dutch-Peru and UK-Peru Chambers of Commerce; Founding President of Save the Children India and President of the Delhi Management Association.
    Richard B. Saldanha
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    The Founder & CEO of Go North Ventures, an angel investment and advisory firm, focused on investing in & mentoring Startups, Mr. Jesrani is an active member of the Indian Angel Network, the premier national group of Angel Investors that has investments in startups across the Healthcare, Education, Impact, Consumer and FinTech sectors.
    Sanjay Jesrani
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    An internationally known Glaucoma and Anterior Segment surgeon, researcher, educator and social entrepreneur. He currently serves as a Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Residency and Fellowship (Glaucoma) Program and Director of Glaucoma Services in Tulane University and is Chairman and Founding Director of Anand Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India.
    Dr. Ramesh S. Ayyala
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    Abdul Khayyum Khan ( AK Khan ) is the former Commissioner of Police in Hyderabad, India. Mr. Khan ex Director General of ACB is currently working as an advisor to Minorities Welfare department in the newly formed state of Telangana. He has done extensive work on Traffic safety and also undergone professional training in traffic safety.
    A. K. Khan, IPS
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    With over 30 years invested in helping people with various disabilities, Dr. Rodricks has customized vehicles and machines like wheelchair-friendly cars and hand controls among others.Dr. Rodricks has been getting people on the road and improving their way of life, whether as drivers or passengers by providing them with mobility in their homes or places of work.
    Dr. Ferdinand Rodricks
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    Meera Shenoy is recognised as a pioneer in market linked skill trainings for rural, tribal and disabled youth. She is one of the few in the country who work both on policy, strategy and implementation of large projects, with a focus on the vulnerable. Her most recent work was supporting the Advisor to the Prime Minister, Ramdorai, in his capacity as Chairman, NSDA.
    Meera Shenoy
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